Public Affairs Law

Public Affairs Law

Our Public Affairs practice group works to strengthen the relationships between our clients (both business and non-profit) and public entities, including state, federal and local agencies, authorities and regulatory or legislative bodies. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of, and experience with, the inner workings of government, policy-making and enforcement. Therefore, we are able to advise clients of the implications of public laws and regulations for their private concerns and practices.

Regulatory Matters 

Saiber lawyers represent clients, both corporate and individual, before various municipal, state and federal agencies, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), and taxing, zoning, licensing and planning agencies at all levels.

Election Law

Our experienced practitioners are well acquainted with the intricate regulations imposed upon candidates and continuing political committees by state and federal law. Our practitioners provide guidance and representation for filings, submissions and/or hearings before the state on such issues. We have advised candidates, campaign officials, donors and volunteers on their rights and responsibilities.

Campaign Finance Limitations

Our lawyers have particular expertise in the laws and regulations governing campaign finance, especially those recently enacted in connection with New Jersey’s “pay-to-play” reforms, which are complex and evolving. We recognize that many of our clients seek to participate in civic and political activities by contributing or soliciting contributions to campaign committees, but are deterred by the perception that political contributions are tainted. Misinterpretation or disregard for laws and regulations governing campaign finance can lead to public relations issues, as well as potentially time-consuming disciplinary action and civil and/or criminal penalties. We advise our clients on how to participate most effectively in the political process while adhering fully to the law.

Non-Profit Organizations 

We also understand the unique needs of not-for-profit schools, cultural institutions and social service providers. We represent a variety of non-profit, tax-exempt and charitable entities in a wide range of necessary legal services, including organization, employment issues, real estate matters, tax advice, dispute resolution and business counseling.


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