District of New Jersey Issues Updated COVID Safety Protocols

District of New Jersey Issues Updated COVID Safety Protocols

March 22, 2022

As part of the District of New Jersey’s continuing response to the ongoing public health emergency and in light of the current extent of the spread of COVID-19 in the state, on March 16, 2022, Chief Judge Freda L. Wolfson of the District of New Jersey issued Standing Order 2022-01, which updated the District’s COVID Safety Protocols.  Standing Order 2022-01 includes the following key provisions:

  • The wearing of masks and other face coverings is now optional in most situations within the District of New Jersey’s court facilities, although it remains encouraged.

  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, prospective jurors will still be required to wear masks or other face coverings. Members of a sitting, fully-vaccinated jury (which may be requested by consenting parties in a civil jury trial) will not be required to wear masks.

  • Moreover, the presiding judicial officer may direct that appropriate face coverings or masks be worn during any in-Court proceedings by any person and regardless of vaccination status.

  • Social distancing requirements are suspended for employees and visitors because all employees must be fully vaccinated and boosted, and visitors only allowed entry upon proof of full vacation or a negative test result as already required by Standing Order 2021-08. Three feet social distancing will be maintained between all jurors.

  • Proof of a negative COVID test can now be shown through both PCR and rapid tests.

  • Temperature screening to enter the courthouse is no longer required, but is still available at entrances to court facilities.

A full copy of Standing Order 2022-01 may be found here.

Attachment: Standing Order 2022-01