New Jersey Elder Law

As each generation continues to live longer than their parents, there is a need for expert advice that considers the multitude of issues that are unique to the aging population. Our experienced Elder Law attorneys are able to provide counsel to our clients as they make decisions regarding estate plans, health care, end of life preferences and other legal matters that are of significant concern through their post retirement years.

Our attorneys are also experienced in advising individuals with special needs and their families who need to plan for their lifetime care and support.

We provide advice regarding asset protection and trust planning to protect the assets that our clients worked hard to obtain and to preserve them for our clients' descendants. We will discuss how you may protect your family home in case of long term illness. Our estate plans offer the flexibility necessary to minimize your estate's tax liability. In short, our goal is to help our clients' and their families ease their minds in their golden years.


Mary Joan S. Kennedy

Mary Joan S. Kennedy
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